Java Run Time Collaborative Editor (JRTCE)

JRTCE – Java Real-Time Collaboration Editor is platform-independent network software, that allows several remote users to concurrently and synchronously work on same computer file through network.
A  real-time collaboration software is a desktop application, where an user can,
– create a connection with other remote user.
– accept a connection from other remote user.
– open a files and share with connected user.
– view the changes as made by other user.
– concurrently edit files and collaborate.
The system address two major issues, viz,
– Synchronization mechanism which keeps the user interface of each user updated about changes made to the document by other user, allowing each users to know the editing as done by others.
– Concurrency mechanism which prevents an user from ambiguously overwriting each others work. Problem with concurrency occurs when both users try to edit same place in a document. Concurrency mechanism handles this situation, avoiding resultant chaos.

I suppose that was too many words. Pictures will be better able to explain the project we built.

1. JRTCE – Main Window:

Figure 1: This is the main window of JRTCE, having two TextPanes (as specified in above description), displays some basic connection information.

2. Information :

Figure 2: This information bar show basic connection information about the connection between two JRTCE clients.

3. Connecting two JRTCE client applications :

Figure 3a (L): The left figure shows ‘Wait for Connection’ dialog, here we enter our own IP address, and then wait for other users to connect. Figure 3b (R): The right figure shows ‘Connect to server’ dialog, here we enter IP address of computer waiting for connection setup.

4. Opening text document in JRTCE:

Figure 4: This figure displays the ‘open file’ dialog box, to open text document into JRTCE for editing.

5. Editing of Text Document:

Figure 5: This figure shows the main window while a text document is being edited simultaneously by two users.

6. Save files on remote computer:

Figure 6: This figure shows the ‘save file’ dialog which allows users to save the edited files locally on the remote computer.

7. About Box:

Figure 7: The About Box.




(Project Developed By: Ankit Deliwala, C V Sashank, Girish Patil)


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