Robin-Hood and the Balance of Candy

This is a game prototype we built for one of our group assignments. Our assignment was to select a character from the public domain and build a game around it. Also the assignment was given around the time of Halloween. So our group came up with a unique idea of using Robin-Hood in a Halloween themed game and the result was “Robin-Hood and the Balance of Candy”. What the game is about can be easily understood by reading this one-sheet that we prepared for our game.

Robin Hood and the Balance of Candy

Tag Line: “Steal from those who have much and give to those who have little.” – Robin Hood

Elevator Pitch: You play as “Johnny” a little boy who dressed up as Robin Hood for Halloween. Johnny has heard that some children get more candy on Halloween than other children and has taken it upon himself to become this neighborhood’s own Robin Hood. You as the player have 2 minutes to run up and down your neighborhood, steal candy from the children who have too much, and give candy to those who don’t have enough.

Gameplay Overview: The player has two minutes to go around and make sure that all the kids on the street have even amounts of candy before the trick or treating ends and everyone has to go home. Steal from the kids who have a lot of candy. Give to kids who have very little candy. There are also elements of stealth. The player needs to avoid getting caught stealing candy because parents will be walking around with the kids. If they see you, then you get a big scolding, lose all your candy, and lose time on the timer.

Level Progression: Multiple levels are planned, but to prove concept of gameplay the prototype will be of an easier level. The prototype level will consist of eight houses on a single street with a bunch of children running around door to door getting candy. In the prototype level there will only be a few parents walking around patrolling the area. In more advanced levels, there will be more interconnected and twisting streets, more patrolling parents, different AI types for children, and places to hide from parents.

Narrative Experience: The story follows closely to that of Robin Hood. In our game we will follow the story of “Little Johnny”, who imitates Robin Hood and his quest for equality for everyone around him. “Little Johnny” lives by Robin Hood’s Law of “Steal from the rich and give to the poor” by evenly distributing all of the candy on Halloween night.

Awards and Accomplishments: “Best in Theme” – IGM Interactive Media Guild Halloween Hackathon 2013


Now here are some screenshots of the game being played to give a better idea:

1. Introduction:Image


2. Let’s Start: (You can see in this pic that the number of kids and the number of candies they have being listed as a part of HUD. It is so as to assist the player in keeping track of which kids have more(to be stolen from) and which less(to be given to).Image


3.A parent keeping a check on whether you are stealing candies from the kids or no. If you steal while a parent is watching you, the parent takes away all the candies you have. Note the number on top of your head. It denotes the number of candies you have in your bag. In this case it is 0. Similar numbers are present on the kid’s heads as well to denote the same.Image


4. Just another screenshot to show all the models of characters and houses in the game. Also note the yellow flash at the base of every parent. Robin-hood is standing right inside one. The yellow spotlight indicates the parent’s vision. You can be caught only if you are stealing when inside this spotlight.Image


5.Screenshot of me trying to steal a candy from the kid. Note the color of the number on both the kids’ head in the screenshot. One is red while the other is green. Red color indicates that the kid has candies far away from the average whereas green indicates the number being close to the average.Image



So that’s what this game is all about. Of course it is much fun to play than to just read about it. All the more because of the addictive funny sounds and music in the game.



(Game Developed by: Ankit Deliwala, Nick Buonarota, Rushabh Gosar, Praveen Nagarajan)


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