TileBreaker(Game by Ankit Deliwala)

Nothing much to say about this individual project of mine. It is just a simple game I built using the MFC library. The game is about minimizing the number of tiles on the screen to as small a number as possible, hopefully 0. The game goes like this:

1. You are presented with a small window filled with square tiles of three colors(red, green and blue).Image


2. You can break tiles when you click on a group of tiles(more than or equal to 2) of same color placed adjacent to each other. You cannot break a single tile. (You can see the group of 4 green tiles at the top being deleted here)Image


3. You can of course break a group of tile from the middle of window. All the tiles above the broken group fall down accordingly to fill the gap. (see the big group of blue tile in the middle of the above pic being deleted)Image


4. And that’s it. Have fun breaking tiles and achieving the perfect 0. Image

And damn it, I missed by 1 tile again.


(Game Developed by: Ankit Deliwala)


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