Mystic Mysteries

Mystic Mysteries is a modular party game I made as a part of group of 4 for a project in one of my master’s class. For this project we had to make a non-electronic party game. Out of all the projects this was the most challenging as all other projects were computer apps and thus though challenging not as difficult as this one. Since it had to be non-electronic multiplayer game, we had to make sure that we include the social aspect such that the whole experience is so much fun that the players would want to play again and would go out and convince others to join them.

Our group had really enjoyed playing games like Werewolves and Betrayal at House of the Hill. We liked the social element of those games. However we didn’t like the first person to lose the game had no role to play and thus would get bored. Also we wanted to include strategy element in our game. Combining all these ideas in one we came up with the idea of Mystic Mysteries which is as interesting a game to play as is its tagline, “A game of strategy and smooth talking is just the beginning”.

Our game is party game which supports up-to 9 people as of now(possible expansion by increasing characters). It even has the modular element in that it consists of 3 different scenarios as of now(possible expansion) and also all its characters are unique that each contain different abilities and action which it can perform in the game.

Simply the game can be described by its 3 components, scenario, modifier and character. Scenario card describes basically the objective of the game i.e. what is to be done in the game. As of now we have three different scenarios which can be played:




The next are the characters. As of now we have 9 characters which can be played as. Each character has a certain set of specified actions it can perform. Also most of them have unique special ability apart from the regular actions. The best thing about these characters is that even if they lose, they get a second chance wherein they still play the game as ghosts and can even be revived back to being alive again. Here are the characters:

char1 char2 char3 char4 char5 char6 char7 char8 char9



The last, modifier cards. These of course are to be dealt face down as they define your role in the scenario, whether you are the bad guy and thus have to achieve the goal in the scenario or the good guy that has to get rid of the bad guy/s before he/she/they can achieve their goal. Also some of the modifier cards represent a certain item like the money card here. Here are the modifier cards:

modcard modcard2 modcard3



Of course the detailed instructions of how to play the game is written in the two instruction manuals written by us(1 for players and 1 for the fortune teller). However to give a quick idea about how the game works let me define the two rounds which occur in loop.

  • Heads Down round: In these round each person can utilize their abilities as well as the bad guy/s makes his/her/their move/s in a set order as defined in the instruction manual. The care of this round is taken by the fortune teller who makes sure the round progresses the way it should. Once everyone’s turn is over, the results of the actions taken are described by the fortune-teller.
  • Voting round: Depending on the results of the heads down round, players still alive can now initiate a voting action depending on their character’s abilities. Voting is done on the action finalized and if passed with majority the game progresses where ghosts are given the option to veto the action. Depending on the votes, the action either takes place or gets cancelled.

This two rounds go in loop until either bad guys achieve their objective or are thrown out of the game by the good guys.

And that for you people is Mystic Mysteries, a fun to play(as found out from some little surveys) party game where “death is just the beginning”.


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